Leaves, fog and chickens – oh my!

We had a really fun week. We began looking more closely at the Sun and the planets in our solar system.  We really like the National Geographic Kids Solar System book – it has just enough information to be interesting but not overwhelming. We created a sun – it was a coffee filter project that we were supposed to blow the paint onto (which was sort of a fail) but we grabbed our paint brushes and ended up with some great suns.

We worked on a couple of different science projects this week. First, we talked about what might happen if we filled a pumpkin with soil and watered it and put it in the sun. We wrote out our hypothesis and the steps of our experiment. We followed the steps and we will continue to observe the pumpkin to see if our hypothesis is supported.

We also completed an activity from the Science as Inquiry chapter of Science Adventures – Nature Activities for Young Children. The activity was called “A Picnic Basket Full” and worked on the skill of measuring. Bop enjoyed gathering different foods for her animals to eat and then lining up and counting the food items.  I asked her to write the number of items on a slip of paper as an extension for some writing practice.

Bop had the opportunity to explore some very autumnal phenomenon – falling leaves and socked in fog. We did an activity at Sparks where we cut a leaf in half and used one side as a guide to draw the missing side. We then talked about how both sides of the leaf were not actually exactly the same. She was so excited to see the pile of leaves that her Sparks leader brought in that we promised to find her a pile to jump in the next day. We collected leaves and jumped in leaves (and later fed some leaves to our animals in our picnic basket activity).


Bop and I finished off the Frog Prince story. I got to enjoy an Bop and Bell dramatization of the story that I am sorry to say I was not permitted to photograph! She wanted to work with the Montessori Pink Series and enjoyed picking pictures out of a pouch and using the moveable alphabet to spell the words.

She also got some small motor skills practice with a cute craft I picked up at the Dollarama. It was a challenge for her to peel those tiny foam squared from their backing and line them up just so. We discovered toward the end of the project that she would not have enough of one colour to complete the photo so we had a problem solving session and came up with a pattern that would allow her to use extras of another colour . She was very pleased with the outcome.


Finally, Bop had the opportunity to speak with a family who raises chickens and sells their eggs. She loved learning about their diet and care and all about gathering eggs.  I am pretty sure we won’t be allowed to purchase grocery store eggs again.




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