Potatoes to Pumpkins

Although I planned to begin an exploration of the continent of North America this week, we were having so much fun learning about the universe that we stuck with it for another week.  Bop had fun reviewing all of the planets; she is especially enamored of Mars’ potato shaped moons and the egg shaped dwarf planet of Haumea. We read a little bit more about the stars and Bop drew a sky-scape using the five colours of the stars.


We have been reading the Junior Great Book story “Guinea Fowl and Rabbit Get Justice” and finished our work this week. I really like all of the different activities we work through – I feel like no matter what sort of learner you are, there will be something that really appeals to you. This story was much better than the “Princess and the Frog” – it felt more complete. I record the JGB stories and put them on our family ipod and Bop really enjoyed listening to the story that way – she would put it on while she was working through the activities. The dramatic play activity was really great – she created stick puppets with her sister and they acted out the story.  It was so amazing to listen to Bop help her sister figure out how the extravaganza should proceed.

We also started working a little more directly on letter formation. I have to say again how much I like the Nellie Edge program – it is so low pressure. Although there are handouts to use, they are really just an opportunity for Bop to practice more story writing. She really likes the little sayings that explain how each letter is formed – letter a, curve around, up and down and after she practices the letter, she gets to write a sentence and draw a picture. There is no expectation that she write within lines or anything like that, it is more about refining the motion needed to form the letters in aid of the important work of purposeful writing. I remember endless letter practice as a child – I love that she gets to see how useful writing is right away rather than after months of learning how to write each letter “correctly”.

Our pumpkin hypothesis was supported by the appearance of several green seedlings showing their little heads in our pumpkin. Bop was delighted but she was even more delighted when the pumpkin began to melt. We had read the Magic School Bus meets the Rot Squad recently and she could not have been more happy to see decomposition occurring right on our window sill – I admit I was not quite as thrilled but the pumpkin has been relocated to a planter on the patio to be admired in all its goopy glory.


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