L.E.A.N. Expectations – Now is the time to live purposefully while waiting expectantly!






L.E.A.N. Expectations is a series of educational workshops that teach those preparing for pregnancy, expecting, and nursing mothers how to care for themselves and their babies. The program is made up of three separate workshops, each two hours long, that can be taken in sequence or individually. Dr. Sears’ years of pediatric experience make each class relevant to moms in all stages of pregnancy, whether they are carrying their first baby or their fifth.

Prepare RIGHT Now

Turn your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning

This class focuses on the lifestyle, exercise and attitude choices vital for a healthy pregnancy and covers what to avoid during pregnancy and what expectant mothers should start doing to prepare their body for a healthy birth. In addition, expectant mothers will learn about the importance of attitude (good mental health) throughout the pregnancy and strategies for coping with stress. The practical strategies taught during this class will assist expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy, and even beyond, as they create and maintain a healthy, satisfying lifestyle.


Experience Optimal Nutrition During Pregnancy and Beyond

This class teaches how to incorporate healthy eating into everyday life, not only while pregnant, but also throughout the years ahead. Expectant mothers will learn what foods and nutrients they need to eat more of during pregnancy and while nursing. They will also learn what foods to avoid to feel better physically and provide their baby with all the nutrients needed for safe, complete development. The class also discusses how to shape your baby’s tastes to crave healthy food throughout their life.


Live RIGHT Now

Make a Smooth Transition from Pregnancy to Motherhood

This class focuses on how to live a L.E.A.N. Lifestyle after the baby is born. Mothers will learn how to bond with their baby and how to parent with less tension and more ease. They will also learn about the importance of good nutrition and exercise in the months after giving birth, and about the need for intentional self-care as they grow into motherhood.



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